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Prompt: Midnight

Timeline and Characters: Digimon Universe; Haru, Gatchmon
Amount of Words: 293
Genre: Friendship
Notes: Okay first off I have to apologize for not updating any my fanfiction, especially my drabbles. I've been busy with work (and I still need to find a career in my major) and when I'm off I'm either working on other things like cosplay, etc. or I'm just plan lazy. But you don't want to hear me blather, you're here for the fanfiction.

Am I seriously the first one to write something with the new Digimon series? Wow...Anyways I will admit I wasn't planning on watching the Applimon series when it was first announced. All of it was weird to me. But then I started liking Gatchmon's design and was like "What the heck, I'll try it." Now after the first episode I love it. (No matter how childish it will be but maybe we'll get some dark moments.) So I've decided to add the Universe series as part of these drabbles too. Now to wait until it gets more fics so that fandom thing won't be a thing anymore. Enjoy this little sweet moment meant to be after the first episode's events.

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Prompt: Rivalry
Timeline and Characters: Post-02/Tri, post-Frontier; Tai/Taichi, Matt/Yamato, Takuya, Koji, mentions of Izzy/Koushiro and other digidestined
Amount of Words: 145
Genre: Humor, friendship
Notes: Once again, another obvious one. I mean, honestly. They are the adventure Tai and Matt really.
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Prompt: Running Away

Timeline and Characters: Either Tamers or post-Tamers; Takato, Jeri/Juri
Amount of Words: 141
Genre: Humor
Notes: I had to do this...It seemed right for a paintball war. I can see Jeri being sort of like this in a competition.

Crossposting this on all three of my drabbles, finally updating and getting through my lists. I apologize for lack of updates between all three of my drabbles recently. I know I keep using this as an excuse but it's true, between my classes and my theatre major. I mean, I'm fighting for a B in one of my classes just so I can graduate with lowest honors and being stage manager for our last show really wore me out. So I'll be doing these as fast as I can.

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Prompt: Seeking Solace
Timeline and Characters: Post-Frontier; Kouichi and Koji
Amount of Words: 305
Genre: Friendship, Comfort/Hurt
Notes: Poor little Kouichi, had to pick on him...This subject was probably the best for him.

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 Prompt: Making History
Timeline and Characters: Post-02, Pre-Tri; Tai/Taichi, Sora, Izzy/Koushiro, and mentions of Matt/Yamato
Amount of Words: 237
Genre: Humor
Notes: While this maybe can't happen in real life, this had to be done. Enjoy your random Tai drabble!

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 Prompt: Complicated
Timeline and Characters: Adventure; Matt/Yamato and mentions of the rest of the Digidestined
Amount of Words: 115
Genre: Friendship, hurt
Notes: We all know it's not a Digimon fic without a mention of Matt and Tai fighting! So here you go...A really small monologue from Matt on this subject!

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 Prompt: Introduction

Timeline and Characters: Pre-tamers; Takato, Kazu, Kenta

Amount of Words: 287

Genre: Friendship

Notes: I feel like I should have started with Tai because...You know. But I had this idea for Takato. I don't know if he ever moved places, so maybe put this under a small authors universe.

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 Masterpost for the drabble series, Digi-Bits.

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