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 Prompt: Treat
Timeline and Characters: Anime; Inaho, USApyon
Amount of Words: 416
Genre: Friendship
Notes: Cause why not these two! Just warning, if you haven't seen season two you won't know these two...But they're nice! And who doesn't like vader mode.
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 Prompt: Dance
Timeline and Characters: Anime; Katie/Fumi, Kyubi, human!Kyubi
Amount of Words: 375
Genre: Romance, humor
Notes: Originally this chapter was supposed to figure the Rhythm Trio...Then I saw episodes with Kyubi today. Enjoy!

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 Prompt: Late Night Studies, Friends, and Coffee
Amount of Words: 299
Genre: Friendship
Notes: Started off with this general one as it was something I really had to write. I know, it's more serious then comedy but still, I got to explore the relationships in depth. Obviously, this is a bit of a future fic, with the group being in tenth grade. Also, this is sort of a authors universe in the sense of how the group got together, as it was not explained in the show I believe. If it was I apologize.

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 Getting their career test back made Frisk worried. The results: Inconclusive. This filled them with determination.

 I just recently became Undertale trash and sort of had a dream on this, so I thought it would be a fun little piece to post. This is post-pacifist run where Frisk is in high school. Definitely non-binary Frisk, but they can talk so don't be confused. In this head canon, Flowey does have the ability to transform into Asriel but only for short bursts of time and only Frisk, Chara, and Alphys know, so there is a bit of a spoiler warnings. Speaking of warnings, this fiction is rated T only because of language, though it's also safe to say some of the the reason might also be because of the non-binary Frisk. Originally, Chara was supposed to make a little appearance at the in as a voice in Frisk's head but I didn't know how to decently fit in it so apologies. I think that's all my notes. Let's get on with the short fic!

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