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 Prompt: Treat
Timeline and Characters: Anime; Inaho, USApyon
Amount of Words: 416
Genre: Friendship
Notes: Cause why not these two! Just warning, if you haven't seen season two you won't know these two...But they're nice! And who doesn't like vader mode.


Laughing at another great scene in one of her manga, Inaho was just laying on her bed comfortably as she read. As usual, she decided to ignore USApyon’s speech again. Surprisingly, the Yo-kai hasn’t noticed yet. He was still rambling on…Well whatever he was rambling on about this time. Inaho couldn’t remember.

“And that is why-“ That was when USApyon finally noticed Inaho wasn’t paying attention. “Weren’t you listening, dani!”

Inaho still wasn’t listening. She laughed again.

Growling, USApyon slowly put his hands near the two buttons near the bottom of his helmet. Pushing them, his helmet filled up with a familiar black smoke and his voice got deeper. “VADER MODE!”

A laser barely missed Inaho’s head but it successfully got her out of her manga. That was when she saw her partner doing what he usually did in this situation and shoot everything in sight. Dodging more of the lasers and running off her bed and across the room, she asked, “What did I do now!?”

It took a few minutes for USApyon to finally calm down. Inaho felt a bit horrible though. That was the third time this week he went into vader mode and it was all her fault. But how…How can she get on his good side again?


“Ice cream, dani?”

Inoha and USApyon stood in front of an ice cream vendor. Looking over to her partner, she replied, “Yeah…I feel really bad that I’ve been somewhat ignoring you so why not have a little treat…Have you not had ice cream before?”

USApyon replied by shaking his head. “Not as I know of.”

“I’ll go order for us. Go take a bench that is hidden and I’ll bring it over.”

Thankfully the line wasn’t long and Inoha got the ice cream in very little time. She quickly made her way to the bench that USApyon picked, thankfully covered by many bushes and low hanging tree branches, and sat down. She handed USApyon one of the cones. “I got you the chocolate one, it’s always good for a first timer…I got the chocolate chip mint swirl.”

“T-thank you, dani!” As he took the cone, he briefly considered that maybe the ice cream cone wasn’t as she said and to blow it up. But he decided against it. He decided to slowly and carefully take the first lick. He was worried about nothing! This was probably the best thing he tasted in his Yo-kai life at this point.

And Inaho cracked a small smile.

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