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 Prompt: Dance
Timeline and Characters: Anime; Katie/Fumi, Kyubi, human!Kyubi
Amount of Words: 375
Genre: Romance, humor
Notes: Originally this chapter was supposed to figure the Rhythm Trio...Then I saw episodes with Kyubi today. Enjoy!


Kyubi was being the Yo-kai he was as he walked down the street. And by that, I mean he was thinking of a brilliant and hopefully fail-proof plan to get Katie to fall in love to finally get her Kyun ball from her. But what…What could he do…Trying to be a gentleman didn’t work. Trying to use the rope bridge method didn’t work.

As Kyubi walked down the street, he noticed a sign hanging up on a streetlight. Taking a closer look, Kyubi saw his chance.

Springdale Elementary Fall Dance

This Saturday


 With a smile, Kyubi changed from his normal Yo-kai form into his human form. It was time to put his plan in action.


Katie was looking for her friends at the dance. They were elementary school students, usually at these kinds of dances you were with your friends. She sighed as she gave up on looking for them for the moment. Maybe they were still on their way.

“Well, hello. Who is this flower of beauty I see before me?”

Turning around, Katie saw a familiar face right behind her. “Oh, hi again cucum-I mean Kyubi.”

Kyubi bowed back, “It’s nice to meet you again too Katie. Are you all alone at this dance?”

“Yeah,” Katie replied with a nod. “I’m waiting for my friends, but I guess they must still be on their way.”

“Well while you’re waiting, would you like to dance with me?”

“Uh…I guess….”

Kyubi held his hand out for Katie to take. She did and the two started to slow dance to the music. It was all a part of Kyubi’s plan. Get her into the mood with some dancing, then comes the real action.

A few minutes of dancing without any words. Just the dancing. Kyubi closed his eyes before talking once again as another slow song came on. “So, now that we’re closer then before. I think, we should take our relationship to the next level.”

Katie wasn’t listening at all. She finally found her friends by the door. She called to them as she slipped out of Kyubi’s arms, who was slowly advancing onto her with a kiss. To his surprise, the cold thing he ended up kissing was one of the support beams.

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