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Prompt: Midnight

Timeline and Characters: Digimon Universe; Haru, Gatchmon
Amount of Words: 293
Genre: Friendship
Notes: Okay first off I have to apologize for not updating any my fanfiction, especially my drabbles. I've been busy with work (and I still need to find a career in my major) and when I'm off I'm either working on other things like cosplay, etc. or I'm just plan lazy. But you don't want to hear me blather, you're here for the fanfiction.

Am I seriously the first one to write something with the new Digimon series? Wow...Anyways I will admit I wasn't planning on watching the Applimon series when it was first announced. All of it was weird to me. But then I started liking Gatchmon's design and was like "What the heck, I'll try it." Now after the first episode I love it. (No matter how childish it will be but maybe we'll get some dark moments.) So I've decided to add the Universe series as part of these drabbles too. Now to wait until it gets more fics so that fandom thing won't be a thing anymore. Enjoy this little sweet moment meant to be after the first episode's events.


Haru was stirring back and forth in his sleep. A glance at his clock told him it just turned midnight. With his slow perception, as he was tired as heck from the day’s events, he finally recognized an empty space in his bed and sat up suddenly.

“Gatchmon,” the whispered yet urgent voice filled the room for seconds at at time. “Gatchmon, where are you?”

“Over here.”

Looking to his left, he saw the chair from his desk pulled off somewhere where Haru swore it wasn’t before. It was right by the window with Gatchmon sitting on it and staring out into the night sky.

“Haru, what’s that?”

In the faint moonlight, he could see Gatchmon’s arm pointing at the moon.

“That’s the moon. It comes up at night. On full nights it might be able to be used as a source of light.”

“Why does the earth go between light and darkness through a day?”

Haru laughed as he got off his bed and walked over to the chair. “It’s just life. The earth rotates and moves. So in the day, we see the sun which gives us light. At night we see the moon, which is just a reflection of light from the sun and thus less darker. Do you mean to tell me that where you came from had nothing like this?”

“We had a sense of time but that’s it. No light or dark to really call it a change.” Gatchmon looked at Haru and smiled. “Haru, can you teach me more about your world?”

“Sure,” Haru replied as he hugged the app creature before picking him up. “But some other day. Right now, we need to get back to sleep. It is midnight and I have school tomorrow.”


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