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Prompt: Running Away

Timeline and Characters: Either Tamers or post-Tamers; Takato, Jeri/Juri
Amount of Words: 141
Genre: Humor
Notes: I had to do this...It seemed right for a paintball war. I can see Jeri being sort of like this in a competition.

Crossposting this on all three of my drabbles, finally updating and getting through my lists. I apologize for lack of updates between all three of my drabbles recently. I know I keep using this as an excuse but it's true, between my classes and my theatre major. I mean, I'm fighting for a B in one of my classes just so I can graduate with lowest honors and being stage manager for our last show really wore me out. So I'll be doing these as fast as I can.


Takato tried everything to keep himself hidden. He made sure not to breathe as hard as he usually did, made sure to even not make a sound. Of course, he could hear his friends screaming in the background. As much as he wanted to help them, he couldn’t. He had to stand right there and wait for the cue.

Of course with his luck, he would be discovered. He didn’t even notice the shadow hovering above his head before he got the chance to retaliate. It was only luck that he tripped trying to dodge and effectively dodged the impending blast. He didn’t take any time to get up and find a new hiding spot.

Jeri just glared behind him. As she pumped her fists, and paint gun, in the air, she yelled, “YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM YOUR DESTINY TAKATO!”


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