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Prompt: Seeking Solace
Timeline and Characters: Post-Frontier; Kouichi and Koji
Amount of Words: 305
Genre: Friendship, Comfort/Hurt
Notes: Poor little Kouichi, had to pick on him...This subject was probably the best for him.


Kouji noticed his brother leave the one-year reunion party the others held from saving the Digital World but decided not to pursue him. After a few minutes though, he started to get worried about him. So, asking the others excuse him for a bit, he went to find his brother. Thankfully it wasn’t a great pain in trying to track him down, he was just in a clearing near the party in the park.

“Got a minute?” Kouji asked, obviously startling Kouichi from his thoughts. Sitting down next to his twin after getting a nod of approval, Kouji continued, “You should be inside, partying with us. What’s wrong?”

“I…I don’t know.” Kouichi squeezed his kness. “As the party went on, I kept getting flashbacks of Duskmon. I…I dunno. I just felt something about it…I felt guilty again.”

“Kouchi don’t-“ But Kouji couldn’t finish his sentence in time to stop it. Kouchi broke down there and then. “…Cry…”

Being the brother he was, he took Kouchi in his arms and started to hug him, letting the twin cry it out. He knew he just needed to seek solace one last time. They just stood there for a good amount of time with no speaking, no sounds except the crickets and frogs in the woods and Kouchi’s crying.

Once he heard Kouchi’s crying slow down, Kouji asked, “Feeling better?”

Still not wanting to talk yet, Kouchi just unburied himself from Kouji’s arms and nodded yes.

“Good. But don’t worry. It’s okay Kouichi. It happened. It’s over. You learned and are much stronger from it. Plus, everyone forgived you. There’s nothing to worry or feel sad about anymore.”

“You’re right. What’s passed and passed. Thank you Kouji.”

With that, the two turned their heads to Takuya shouting at the two to come back in and continue the party.

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