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 Prompt: Making History
Timeline and Characters: Post-02, Pre-Tri; Tai/Taichi, Sora, Izzy/Koushiro, and mentions of Matt/Yamato
Amount of Words: 237
Genre: Humor
Notes: While this maybe can't happen in real life, this had to be done. Enjoy your random Tai drabble!


It was that time of the year again…Yes it was final time at Odaiba Middle School. While many students, namely Sora and especially Izzy, were busy cramming for these long, awful times, others didn’t seem too worried about how their finals would end up. One of these people were, no surprise, Tai Yagami.

While Sora and Izzy used their school time to take advantage and study in the library, Tai was just making paper airplanes and flying them when their teacher was looking away. Lifting an eyebrow at their so-called leader, Izzy sighed and shook his head.

“Tai, seriously…If you want to pass any of your high school exams, I’d suggest you start studying now.”

Sora seemed to agree with Izzy. “He’s right. Even Matt is worried, since this is our last year and he’s working hard to get into a High School.”

“Don’t worry.” Tai watched as their teacher looked away again and threw another paper airplane. “Everything will be fine. Trust me.”

A month or so later, the finals were posted for all to see. None of them expected Tai to be in the higher half of the class. Actually, in the top 25% of the class to be exact.

Even the school administrators thought it was a mistake or he cheated, but he did this of his own accord. One of the few times that a straight D student was able to make history.Chapter Managem

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