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Siblings (Pretty Cure)

Ako was always an only child throughout her young life. Then what is this about suddenly getting a new sibling!?

Shugo Chara Blossoming (Shugo Chara)

Fan-OVA. Over the last few years, Amu and the gang have been in a peaceful period. But they started to see their guardians again. A new group of guardians must learn from Amu and Tadase. And what's this about a boy with a weird egg?

Afterstory (Pokemon)

Even though the Crystal Trainers have defeated their last foe, their adventure isn't over yet.

Bring It On: Go Big or Go Home (NegimaxBring It On Crossover)

With the always longed summer vacation approaching Mahora, our famous 3-A cheerleading trio, along with the rest of the squad, will be going to America to spend it at a cheerleading camp that ends with a big competition. But what happens when one of the groups have it out for the Mahora cheerleaders?

First Drink (Digimon)

Now that Davis is old enough, he can take his first drink. And of course, craziness ensues around the rest of the gang. Original characters included.

TBA (Kids Next Door)

A new evil has risen, threatening to defeat the Kids Next Door where they stand. Despite that one of the best sectors in history are teenagers now, they decide to recommission them. As one would expect, they would have to keep the truth hidden from their classmates, who hate the KND's guts. Nothing said that this job would be easy.

This Is Their Story (Code Lyoko)

When he was younger, he was childish. He was naive. He was, in a way, a hero. But now that he's got himself in this mess, Odd's about to find out what it really means to be a hero. Inspired by the movie We Were Soldiers.

Total Drama Crossovers Reloaded (Total DramaxMultiple Fandom Crossovers)

Fanseason, between World Tour and Revenge of the Island (?). Sequel to Total Drama Crossovers. Chris is ready for a new season of Total Drama. Bringing up the contract of the teens again, twelve of the competitors of TDC have came back along with five new people for another prize of the million. We're back at the studio people! Watch warming friendships, cold heartbreaks, and amazing jokes in this season of Total Drama! Warning: Possibly crappy story, this is for my entertainment at least. Crossovers include TBA. Pairings to come.

Let's agree to Disagree (DNAngel)

Early series one-shot. Dark and Daisuke couldn't stand each other. They threatened to destroy each other's lives. But one sticky situation causes them to come into a new light for each other.

TBA (Supernoobs)

They thought having these powers for so long, they would be able to control them now, right? Not when you're the Supernoobs! Not only do they have to deal with the new territory known as High School, but also have to learn to control their new powers and fight some new enemies. This fanfiction depends on how far the creators decide to take Supernoobs.

Kadic Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Code Lyoko)

Let's do the Time Warp Again! Halloween is upon Kadic and this year, in a surprise twist because of the type of material it presents, the show will be The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Crew includes Eva, Herve, and Nicholas. Cast includes Odd, Aelita, Jeremie, Ulrich, Yumi, Sissi, Theo, William, Ashleigh, and other minor characters. Pairings to come.

TBN (Totally Spies)

Follow these small misadventures of two best friends and W.O.O.H.P.'s newest agents.

The Animal I've Become (Digimon)

T.K.'s life has been normal (or as normal as you can get with Digital beings) up to this point. But when he starts feeling weird one night, can he keep calling his life normal? Reused elements from the cancelled Pretty Cure fanfiction, The Animal I've Become. T.K.xKari, more pairings to come.


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